Flores Komodo Package Tours

Flores Komodo package tours are collection from all kind of Flores island tours and tours to the islands of Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Here you find several Flores Komodo package tours are publishing now. Each tour package has own program with different distance to reach, depending how many day you do.

To do a Flores Komodo tour package needed at least six days for once trip. More than six days will see more along Flores island. Most of the program on the Flores Komodo package tours started from east part ot Flores island. We also can arrange to begin from west part as long as you prefer to do.

What to see along Flores island

A lot fo thing to see along Flores overland tour. To begin with wonderful of nature, culture, tradition, hand weaving, way of life and so much more. The top tourist destination along Flores island is wonderful Kelimutu three colored lake. It’s one of the most mysterious sight with three lake which each lake is different color.

The unique of Flores island is different tradition each regency and also different motif of hand weaving every regency. Its also following with different language every regency. That is why every regency has different traditional house or village. A lot of thing to see if you take a Flores Komodo package tours.

Thing to see on Komodo National Park

First thing to see on the islands of Komodo national park is Komodo dragons. It’s one of the world monitor lizard from jurasic era. Komodo Dragon can find in several islands on Komodo national park. The famous island to see the Komodo dragon are and Komodo island and Rinca island.

The Komodo dragons are also living at the island of Nusa Kode, Gili Motang and south part of Flores island. But most of our offer on Flores Komodo package tours bring visitor to the island of Komodo and Rinca. Those island you will see the Komodo dragons as well.

Not only to see the Komodo dragon on Flores Komodo package tours. Wildlife is important thing to see because of they are living together with Komodo dragons. Corals are also very well-known to see under water on the Komodo National Park. You can see through snorkeling or diving. Komodo National Park is one world class for diving spot. Corals are easy to find every island around the Komodo National Park.

Cars, meals and accommodation

All our cars are using air conditioned along the Flores overland tour. Our serve from small, medium and big bus. Special tour of course need different cars to reach the country side.

Food can get every town with several kind of menus that you can get along Flores overland. Menus are serving Indonesian, Chinese and locals.

Hotel is serving with standard facilities every capital of regency. Some hotels also find on tourist destination we are going to visit. Beyond Labuan Bajo town, there is not star hotel but all facilities are good standard.

Tour guide on Flores Komodo package tours

Our licensed tour guide will work for your holidays along Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park. All our tour guide under Indonesian tour guide association. Most of our tour guide speaking English. Only few of them speak Germany, French and Spanish.

Some of our tour guide are working directly with our tour Company. Whiles other tour guide are freelance that we use on high season.

Tour program on Flores Komodo tours package

The tour program each Flores Komodo package tours are arranged according to the local condition. Some time we change if smoething change on the field. What we have here are only a part of Flores Komodo tour packages. We have a lot of program but not publish at all here.

You can ask if your different plan for your holidays to Flores island and the islands of Komodo national park in Indonesia. We will reply on working time. Whatever your plan to in Flores and Komodo National Park, just tell our team through email. Youu will get detail tour information from our team.

Tour program can change, cut or make longer that we have here. Or perhap you need different program from all we have. We have also special tour program that is Eco tour Flores Komodo Island. But you need more detail about Eco tour Flores Komodo island.

Our services on Flores Komodo package tours

Most of our services are fully charge but you can do by yourself for other tour component. You need to tell us along communication is running. We serve to included the hotel, meals, cars or boat, tour guide and all entrance fee.

We recommend to use all service along Flores tour and trip to Komodo National Park, so that you don’t need to arrange on the way. But it’s depending on your plan. Normally we don’t serve domestic flight because your can get any where to issue the flight ticket.

Flores Komodo package tours

Furthermore, if you are interesting with our offer here, kindly to send us an email. For this reason why we are here. We are local tour operator and travel Agency on Flores and Komodo National Park. So, we know at all what do you want to do.

Finally, we are waiting for your news to take our Flores Komodo package tours here. Hope our offer meet with your plan. See also our Komodo island tours on another offer we have now.